The Grand Golf Course


The Grand course

Our resident club professional Ossie Moore has been one of the most recognised faces in Australian golf for more than three decades.

Born just down the highway in Murwillumbah in Northern NSW, Moore was Australian Amateur Champion in 1981 at the age of 22.

Moore played on the European Tour from 1984 to 1991 as well as the PGA Tour of Australasia.

He won the Victorian Open and Queensland PGA Championship in 1986, the Australian Match Play Championship in 1989 and the Queensland PGA again in 1992.

He topped the Australian Order of Merit in 1985 and was selected to represent Australia in the World Cup in Maui, Hawaii in 1987.

While still playing regularly on the Australian Seniors Tour, Moore can be seen most days coaching or co-ordinating regular competition events at The Grand.

There is no better person to give us a hole by hole description of one of Australia’s premier golf courses.

Hole 1

A generous fairway for short to medium length players. The second shot is uphill to a bunkerless green not visible to the player. A gentle opener!

Par: 4
Championship: 337m
Members: 330m
Ladies: 306m

Hole 2

The hole plays gently downhill to a green which tilts from front left to back right. The optimum tee shot is to the right side of the fairway, leaving a mid to short iron. Deep bunkering greenside will test the best of players.

Par: 4
Championship: 330m
Members: 321m
Ladies: 264m

Hole 3

The player drives to a basin style fairway which tilts from right to left. The longer players will be greeted with a beautiful view of the green below guarded by a lake which is front and left. A strong par 4.

Par: 4
Championship: 399m
Members: 374m
Ladies: 345m
When leaving the third green be aware of players on the 16th tee.

Hole 4

This flat par 4 requires a drive in the centre as bunkers loom left and right. The hole doglegs to the left, around the lake, to a green which narrows towards the back.

Par: 4
Championship: 367m
Members: 360m
Ladies: 318m

Hole 5

The fairway is built along the high banks of the Nerang river and cambers towards the rough on both sides. The second requires positioning the ball left of centre as the green is shielded by a small grove of casurinas at the front right of this putting surface.

Par: 5
Championship: 493m
Members: 483m
Ladies: 448m

Hole 6

This par 3 is quite intimidating at first glance because the player fires through a shoot and over the river from an elevated tee. As with the first hole there are no bunkers, however the green is perched above the surrounding ground.

Par: 3
Championship: 159m
Members: 152m
Ladies: 134m

When hitting across the river be aware of through traffic on the driveway.

Hole 6A

A short, slightly downhill par 3 which is generous to the right, but heavily flanked on the left with sand.

Par: 3
Championship: N/A
Members: 138m
Ladies: 149m

Hole 7

The first of 6 holes which play through the forest with accuracy a priority. The blind drive is over a ridge. The player will fire up a valley to a narrow green with water left and right. A strong hole. When the alternate course is in play, one week a month, the tee shot straightens the hole, leaving a shorter second shot.

Par: 4
Championship: 385m
Members: 368m
Ladies: 268m

Members playing their second shots should ensure one of the group remain visible to the tee to allow members teeing off to known when it is safe to hit.

Hole 8

The signature par 3 at The Grand. The tee shot is hit from well above the minute target below. Three quarters of this shot must carry a penalty area and then stop abruptly on a flatish putting surface which is tucked amongst bunkers. A very scenic hole from the tee with just a spectacular view in the reverse direction.

Par: 3
Championship: 162m
Members: 151m
Ladies: 119m

When driving a buggy to the 8th tee be aware of the group in front of you, who may be teeing off.

Hole 9

The strongest par 4 requiring the long tee shot across a creek valley to view the green which is concealed behind a lake. This is almost a mirror view of the second shot on the third. The shorter hitters will play left and approach with a clear avenue to the putting surface.

Par: 4
Championship: 373m
Members: 368m
Ladies: 329m

Be aware of any golfers on the 10th tee, a courtesy “fore” call may be required if your drive heads in that direction.

Hole 10

This hole plays in the opposite direction to nine with the drive over the creek through a narrow passage. The second shot is short but severely uphill to a green with steep contours. The back bunkering requires a precision recovery, however land short and the ball will roll 20 metres back toward you.

Par: 4
Championship: 304m
Members: 300m
Ladies: 225m

If starting play from the 10th tee, please give way to members continuing group continuing from the ninth hole.

Hole 11

If you relish a challenge as a long hitter, this is the hole for you. Forest left and right is to be avoided and if you hit over the hill the reward is 60 metres of roll to leave a short iron to this par 5. If the ball remains on top a second of 180 metre to an island green. The average length player will hit a blind second to leave a 90 metre wedge over water, and safe from water on the right. A beautiful hole which could destroy the scorecard.

Par: 5
Championship: 425m
Members: 416m
Ladies: 386m

Hole 12

This could challenge as the signature hole at The Grand. A lengthy par 5 which requires a drive left of centre. The second for most is a rescue to the right and a wedge down to the green with a lake across the front. The adventurous may play their second through a narrow passage on the left and over the lake. Many have tried, few have succeeded.

Par: 5
Championship: 472m
Members: 456m
Ladies: 381m

Hole 13

The widest of fairways, 65 metres at one point, with mature gum trees impeding the players second, unless you play to the right over bunkers and the flatter part of the fairway. The target up the hill is the largest green and easily approachable from the left side.

Par: 4
Championship: 373m
Members: 352m
Ladies: 271m

Hole 14

This looks a simple downhill mid iron par 3, the bunker front left has trapped many a player. The ideal position is front right, however out of bounds looms for those who are not careful. Rates as one of the tougher holes.

Par: 3
Championship: 174m
Members: 157m
Ladies: 123m

Hole 15

A good challenge, with a tee shot over water and short of several bunkers. Play to the right is safe with a semi blind second to a long narrow green, rolling away from the player. Play left and receive a view down the green. Accuracy is paramount with the shortish second shot. There is an alternate tee shot from riverside out toward the lake which is played one week of the month.

Par: 4
Championship: 295m
Members: 285m
Ladies: 269m

Hole 16

A long uphill par 3 guarded with front bunkering. Although intimidating, the members favour the right side for a possible par or easy bogey.P

Par: 3
Championship: 178m
Members: 174m
Ladies: 139m

Hole 17

A reasonably generous tee shot over flat ground before the fairway funnels down to a flat layup area short of the lake. The second shot must be centre to right to avoid a large gum for the next shot. The longer hitters challenge the tall gum to leave an eagle putt.

Par: 5
Championship: 491m
Members: 463m
Ladies: 427m

Hole 18

An inviting tee shot across a creek to fairway ridge. A slight dogleg left and a little uphill to the shallow green in the forefront of the clubhouse. The player must be precise to finish on the putting surface.

Par: 4
Championship: 367m
Members: 347m
Ladies: 318m

ChampionshipOut: 3079mIn: 3005m= 6084m
MembersOut: 2950mIn: 2907m= 5857m
LadiesOut: 2539mIn: 2551m= 5090m