The Grand Golf Share

The Grand Golf Club golfing experience is widely regarded amongst Australia elite players.

To become a member at the Grand Golf Club, you are required to purchase a share within The Grand Investments Australia Limited.

As a shareholder, the benefit of this membership is that you have your own interest in the facility, which you will enjoy for many years.

The share price can vary at the time of selling and purchasing, and information on the share price is available, via our exemption to operate a Low Volume Financial Market.

Please contact the General Manager of the club ( who will be able to share information with you on the current availability of shares and the current value the share is being valued at.

Please be aware that we advise that shares in the Grand Investments Australia Limited are only purchased through the The Grand Golf Club. We do not approve or support any other media or social platforms being used to sell shares in The Grand Investments Australia Limited.