In addition to the share price purchase the following fees apply (applicable from July 1st 2023 and subject to change) :

Entrance Fee
Corporate Member$150,000 (plus GST)
Annual Membership Fee
Grand Member$9400+ $4700
Overseas MemberNilNil
Interstate / Country$4700+ $2350
Corporate MemberNilN/A
Business Member$18,800N/A
Billed half yearly (inc GST). These fees are effective until June 30, 2024.
House Account Fee
Grand Member$2750+ $1375
Overseas MemberNilNil
Interstate / Country$1375+ $687.50
Corporate Member$7500N/A
Business Member$5500N/A
(inclusive GST). House account items include Food and beverage and golf shop purchases. House account items exclude guest green fees and competition fees.