Membership Information

Grand Membership

Purchase a share in The Grand Investments Australia Limited and become one of the privileged few that know what it’s like to be an owner/member of The Grand Golf Club.

The Grand Golf Club is not open to the public unless you attend as a guest of a member. This is a private club exclusively owned by its shareholders. The purchase of a share is with The Grand Investments Australia Ltd which is the company that leases the golf course and facilities to The Grand Golf Club. An owner of a share holds 1/555th share in the asset which consists of over 81.82 hectares. The owner of a share in TGIA has the right to nominate a member for The Grand Golf Club.

It is the share-owners’ responsibility to have a member on their share at all times. 

A yearly food and beverage levy is also charged when you become a member of The Grand Golf Club.

Being a member allows you to tee off at any time with no bookings required. With The Grand Golf Club being open to members and their guests only, and a Championship course available year around, it is one of the best golfing experiences in Australia.

Corporate Membership

A corporate member is entitled to be issued with six corporate membership executive cards which may be used by six executives employed by the corporate member and approved by the committee. 

A corporate member executive enjoys all the rights and privileges of Grand Membership other than the rights to vote at general meetings, to be elected to the committee and to take up Family rights.

Overseas Membership

The committee may in its sole discretion grant Overseas Membership status to a Grand Shareholder who lives more than 6 months each year outside of Australia, upon payment of an additional fee.

Interstate and Country Membership

The committee may in its sole discretion grant Interstate or Country membership to a Grand Shareholder who lives interstate,  outside of Queensland, or Country Membership residing 200 km outside of Gold Coast.

Business Membership

The committee may in its sole discretion grant Business membership status to a Grand shareholder upon application and payment of an additional fee. 

Business memberships are a business attachment to your Grand Member share. Going to press, this membership category is currently full.

Business membership status of a member entitles the relevant shareholder not only to nominate the member, but also to be issued with three Business Membership Executive cards which may be used by executives employed by the shareholder and previously approved by the committee.